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Explore The White Mountains–Together

Guided small group day hikes for the pack-minded adventurer

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Here at Guineafowl Adventure Company,

We transform the barriers between Boston and the White Mountains into sweeping views and stunning sunsets. Whether you're running into issues with:

  • Planning and preparing for a hike 

  • Investing in the proper outdoor gear

  • Finding the trailhead, reading signs or markers on the trail

  • Finding reliable transportation to and from Boston

We can help with our curated, full-service, end-to-end guided group hiking and outdoor experiences.

Small Group Hikes – What’s Included

  • Where will I get picked up and dropped off?
    Guineafowl will make two designated stops depending on where its clients are located. We will make a stop in Greater Downtown Boston and a stop in one of the northern suburbs directly off I-93 or I-95 depending on the hike destination. We will let you know where specifically the two designated stops will be prior to your trip, at least 48 hours in advance of your trip. If you are a group and you prefer a specific location close to your group, we can prepare for this ahead of time.
  • What is included in my hiking gear?
    A day pack, hydration bladder and tube, water, hiking poles, and other basic safety gear such as bug spray, sunscreen, headlamp, snacks for the hike, and resources for emergency “potty” breaks if necessary.
  • What do I wear?
    The most important thing to have with you is a pair of hiking boots or trail running shoes. If you do not have either of these things, and don’t want to rush out and buy them, a pair of athletic sneakers with reasonable tread will be fine for day hiking. You should review the weather, and dress accordingly, based on your own comfort. It is generally a good idea to carry or wear layers because you will get warm while hiking (even in colder temperatures), but the temperature will drop the higher up you get, so, having layers you can add or remove helps balance your body temperature in varying conditions. A water resistant or waterproof shell layer is always good to carry, and is generally lightweight.
  • Where do I poop?
    At trailheads with restroom facilities, we will arrive early enough so that all clients have the opportunity to use the restroom before heading out on our hike. If the trailhead itself does not have facilities, we will make a stop on our way up, prior to getting to the trailhead. While we will take all measures reasonable to afford this restroom stop, in the event we are on our hike and nature calls in an alarming fashion, we can direct you how to take care of it yourself, and the necessary (ahem) equipment, is provided in your daypack. On hikes that include access to one of the AMC Huts, restrooms are available there as well.
  • Do you provide lunch and/or drinks other than water in the hydration bladder?
    We generally will not have the ability to provide a full lunch option, however we will provide energy / granola bars, trail mix, beef sticks, and other individually wrapped snacks for clients to keep you satisfied and full of energy during your hike. If you prefer to bring a sandwich, or specific foods or drinks along with you, we will have a large hard cooler with ice that you can store these items in for the trip, and you may carry them along with you on the hike, or eat them after the hike at your discretion. Just be sure you pack out whatever you bring with you on the hike and leave no trace! On hikes that include access to one of the AMC Huts, baked goods, and other assorted food are also available for purchase
  • What is your Hike Score and how is it calculated?
    We use the National Park Service’s rating calculation to determine the difficulty of hike based on the amount of elevation gain (EG) multiplied by two, multiplied by the total distance (D) of the hike. We then take the square root of that product to determine the rating. Hike Score Formula: EG x 2 x D = PRODUCT, SQRT = SCORE
  • Why are your more difficult hikes expected to be at a faster pace?
    Because Guineafowl Adventure Company offers day hikes exclusively, the longer hikes are expected to be completed at a faster pace, so that we are still off the mountain and back to our transport before we lose daylight. We provide everyone with headlamps, but we don’t intend to use them!
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Guineafowl Adventure Company guides hikes rain or shine, unless the weather is dangerously inclement. If the weather is dangerously inclement, and we need to cancel our trip, we will let you know within 24 hours of your pick-up, and you can choose to refund your trip or reschedule to another date where the same or a similar hike is offered. If you personally do not want to hike in the rain, (for example) and want to cancel based on a dreary forecast, you can reschedule to another day, but a refund will only be issued in the event of dangerous conditions.
  • What are my Guide’s qualifications?
    Other than thousands of miles hiked and warm, caring personalities, guides all have CPR and First Aid certifications as well as Wilderness First Aid, and in certain cases Wilderness First Responder certificates.
  • Do you offer private or corporate outings?
    Guineafowl Adventure Company can host corporate and private hikes for groups of up to 10 individuals. We can tailor the hike location, distance, difficulty and timing to your needs, and can offer co-branding opportunities for apparel and gear as well to make for a memorable and rewarding experience. Please contact us at or call us at 617-852-0597 to schedule your private outing, or request more information on how we can accommodate you for a perfect day in the mountains!
  • What are your policies around COVID-19?
    Guineafowl Adventure Company operates out of Massachusetts, and therefore adopts the regulations and guidance provided by the state in order to operate. Our COVID-19 policy will update as these regulations and guidelines update. Currently we are allowing clients to choose whether or not they prefer to wear masks both in transportation and on hikes. We currently do not have any vaccination requirements. We respect everyone's personal decisions on this matter and we ask that all of our clients act with care and consideration of your fellow hikers.
Laws of the Pack

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About the White Mountains

Often overlooked in favor of their West Coast counterparts, “The Whites” may be among the most underrated mountain ranges in the country. With sweeping multi-peak vistas, sky high rocky ridges, and stunning valley views combined with all of the seasonal splendors the East Coast has to offer, there is nothing the Rockies can do that the White Mountains can't do better (with approachable elevation levels, nonetheless).

Indeed, with more than 1,200 miles of trails winding throughout its vast and expansive wilderness, Bostonians and New Hampshire natives alike need look no further than their own backyard for the outdoor experience of their dreams. 

And though the landscape is just as authentically rugged as they'd expect, with our help, The White Mountains may actually be more accessible than originally thought.

What our hikers are saying!

Mountain Range

"I did the Mt. Pierce hike with the tour guide Dave. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. I really appreciated that he coordinated a call with all the clients of the tour to answer questions and concerns days before the hike and coordinate the pick up . He sends an email with the weather forecast the day before the hike to dress appropriately for the weather. The transportation it was on time, the gear provided of great quality and the snacks delicious. The hike it was beautiful, loved the landscape and having the opportunity to enjoy this place in the fall, with all the leaves changing color. Dave was an extraordinary guide, very friendly and you can tell that he loves his job. I really recommend booking one of this tours if you want to hike in the white mountains with all the safety measures and without worrying about driving.I will definitely book another hike!"

- Isabel Rodriguez

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