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Guineafowl Adventure Company offers full-service small-group day hike packages for all skill and experience levels

Below is our calendar of all scheduled hikes. Select your desired hike and book your spot today!

Or browse the different categories for your favorite hike:


Hikes for Everyone

Guineafowl Adventure Company offers guided day hikes for all experience levels.  Hikes fall into one of three categories:  Easy, Moderate and Strenuous. Here is an easy guide to get you started:

Hike Difficulty
Elevation Gain
Hike Score:
Time on Feet
Expected Pace
2 - 5 miles
500ft - 2,000ft gained
Under 150
3 - 5 hours
50min – 60min/mile
5 - 10 miles
2,000ft - 4,000ft gained
150 - 300
5 - 7 hours
40min – 50min/mile
10 - 20 miles
Over 4,000ft gained
Over 300
7-10 hours
30min – 40min/mile



Choosing the right difficulty level for you is important. All of our hikes fit into the criteria above. Our schedule offers a variety of weekly hikes throughout all levels so you can advance your skills over time.

Already skilled and looking for more? You name it, we’ll (probably) do it! Whether you’re looking for a first time Presidential Traverse, stringing a few 4,000-footers together in a single day (aka peak-bagging), or just looking for a shorter hike that has special meaning to you, our team of guides is ready to plan your adventure.

Easy Hikes

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Moderate Hikes

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Strenuous Hikes

Please contact us for dates and availability of Strenuous Hikes!

Corporate or Private Outings

Nothing encourages team building and bonding like the great outdoors. 

Guineafowl Adventure Company hosts corporate and private groups with hikes tailored for location, distance, difficulty and timing.


Let us provide the ultimate group event without the stress. 

Co-branding apparel & gear opportunities available to wear with pride.  

Youth Programs

Guineafowl Adventure Company offers youth hiking programs year-round!  Through local schools, community programs, private groups and individual families, we can tailor educational and training programs for all ages, experience and activity levels! 

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