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Ethos Statement

Guineafowl Adventure Company respects, reveres, and ultimately relies on the great outdoors. We thereby recognize the need to adamantly and routinely examine our relationship with the planet and our impact on it, both as individuals and as a business. We are dedicated to ensuring not only that the physical goods we supply to hikers are sourced ethically and sustainably, but that our guides are held to the highest standards of environmental stewardship and responsibility.

We also realize the need for ongoing education in addition to accountability, so we’ve committed to abide by Leave No Trace principles, on our tours and in our personal lives, both in the backcountry and front country. With our company's growth and as our cultural/scientific understanding about conservation evolves, we promise to continuously adapt, remain open to learning, and take measurable action for the greater good of planet earth.

Last, we promise to hold space for inclusivity and equity in the outdoors. Nature doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we. We welcome people of all walks of life, birthplaces, colors, ages, and lifestyles to explore the mountains with us or without us (however they choose).

Our Partners

Guineafowl Adventure Company was founded with its social, ethical, and environmental impact in mind. That’s why we’ve intentionally partnered with merchandisers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and other related businesses that align with our beliefs about conservation and environmental stewardship. You can read about these organizations, and how they've contributed to our guided group hikes, below.


NOLS Wilderness Medicine

Why We’ve Partnered with Them:

NOLS offers wilderness medicine courses that will prepare you to recognize, treat, and prevent injuries and illnesses that are common in the outdoors.


Leave No Trace

Why We’ve Partnered with Them:

With pioneering science, hands-on training, and simple guidelines, Leave No Trace helps you explore the outdoors sustainably every time you get outside.


Wild Rose Education

Why We’ve Partnered with Them:

Wild Rose Education teaches people 'how to see', to become better observers, and how to take action in the world through our participant-centered learning experiences.

Education Partners

Our Partners

Gear Partners

Laws of the Pack

Laws of the Pack

Our Core Values


Provide Access to the Great Outdoors

Climbing a mountain requires time, resources, and knowledge. Getting started presents challenges that stop people in their tracks, no matter how much they want it. We provide solutions to the obstacles that hold most back. 


Prioritize Safety

We guarantee the expertise of our guides, who offer all the security and guidance necessary to allow adventurers to “let go” and truly enjoy their time in nature.


Facilitate Connections

Relationships with both the earth and fellow humans are important. We promise to honor these with collaborative values, policies, and partnerships.


Engage Curiosity

We pledge to create space for the natural human inclination to investigate, study, and experience the new.


Seek Out Adventure

Together, we push our limits to become more deeply acquainted with the expansiveness of the natural world; and discover our place and purpose within it.

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