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The Outdoors and Privilege

Guineafowl Adventure Company founder, Dave Fatula, was featured on the April 11th episode of the Born on 3rd podcast, hosted by Tim Kaelin. Born On 3rd is a thought-provoking podcast that explores deep-rooted inequities in the United States. The podcast is named after the quote, “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.”

On the episode titled, “The Outdoors are Everywhere,” Dave talks about the lifestyle he was born into, and the financial hardships he and his single mother faced during his adolescence. Dave admits he may have been born on 2nd, but he didn’t spend his entire childhood there. The two also discuss using privilege as a force for good to help others who experience inequalities.

Throughout the episode, Dave also digs into some fun stories about his upbringing, including a few about his beloved 1984 “thunder chicken,” how getting into college–and staying there–changed his life, and finding his way back to the outdoors later in life. Dave also unpacks what it means to him to be an entrepreneur connecting people with nature in meaningful ways.

True to the podcast's name, the episode explores the outdoors industry’s progress toward breaking down barriers to access and creating an inclusive space for everybody to feel welcome. Dave shares some of his experiences within the industry, and the goals he has for Guineafowl Adventure Company to play a role in a more equitable future for the outdoors industry.


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