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What to Expect from a Guineafowl Adventure Company Hike

Reconnecting people with the outdoors (and each other). That’s the main goal of a Guineafowl Adventure Company guided hike. When founder Dave Fatula realized that often a lack of knowledge, resources, and transportation were barriers between people saying they want to go hiking and actually hiking, he decided to create a solution.

A guided hike with Guineafowl Adventure Company is more than a walk in the woods. It’s an experience that begins as soon as you “Book a Hike.” Would-be adventurers become part of the Guineafowl confusion (the actual term for a group of guineas!), and as such, are thoughtfully shepherded through their journey from Boston to the White Mountains and back.

Safe, Welcoming Space

Teamwork is part of our identity. Our flock mentality (see what we did there) is modeled after Guineafowl. These animals are fiercely loyal and highly protective of their own. At Guineafowl Adventure Company, we strive to embody these philosophies; we know we are stronger, safer, and more adventurous as a pack.

Hikers are encouraged to choose the right hike for their fitness and experience level and we’re always available to chat about your options and which hikes may best suit you and your goals. Personal attention is a part of the booking process - we speak to every client before heading up on your adventure to answer any questions and get you ready for your hike. Picking the right hike difficulty will make your experience more enjoyable. Hikers are supported in their journey of self-exploration––testing their skills and pushing their comfort zone a bit wider.

Photos (L to R) from GAC hikes: Carter Moriah hike (strenuous), Mt. Pierce hike (moderate), Mt. Crawford hike (easy).

Guineafowl hikes are a safe and inclusive space. We believe the outdoors is for everybody and every body. Nature doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we. We welcome people of all walks of life, birthplaces, colors, ages, and lifestyles to explore the mountains with us. In our eyes, the only wrong choice is staying home when the mountains call you to them.

Experienced Guides

The team at Guineafowl Adventure Company is passionate about the outdoors. Guiding hiking trips for Guineafowl requires more than trail-savvy. Our guides are warm, personable leaders who thrive on introducing people to the outdoors. Our time-tested tricks of the trade are your benefit on a guided hike with Guineafowl Adventure Company. We don’t mean to brag, but we offer some of the best hikes in the White Mountains, both well known and barely known.

Every Guineafowl Adventure Company guide, in addition to the real-life experience that comes with thousands of miles hiked, has CPR and First Aid certifications as well as Wilderness First Aid, and in certain cases Wilderness First Responder certificates.

In a guineafowl confusion, if one strays too far from the pack, they shriek out an “alarm”. But they are by no means cowardly–guineafowl love to roam and have no observable boundaries for where they may go. Our guides create experiences rooted in safety–if a hike doesn’t feel safe, it can’t be fun. Our guides offer all the security and guidance necessary to allow adventurers to “let go” and truly enjoy their time in nature.

All the Hiking Essentials

One of people’s favorite things about a guided hike is not needing to stress about planning a route, checking the weather, and deciding what gear to pack. Guineafowl Adventure Company provides a well-planned outing and prepares a day-pack filled with essentials for every hiker. Beyond these things, Guineafowl also provides round-trip transportation to the trailhead from Greater Boston––now getting there really can be half the fun!

Guineafowl Adventure Company offers three sized day-packs for men, women, and children pre-packed with a hydration bladder and tube, water, hiking poles, and other basic safety gear such as bug spray, sunscreen, headlamp, snacks for the hike, and resources for emergency “potty” breaks if necessary. Of course, if hikers have a favorite trail snack, they’re welcome to pack their own goodies for the journey as well!

The only thing left to do is decide what to wear. Light layers and a water-resistant shell are our go-to options. Our guides are available to offer suggestions or answer questions, but everyone’s tolerance for temperature and precipitation is different. While trail attire is often a personal choice and weather-dependent, good trail shoes are non-negotiable on Guineafowl Adventure hikes. Hikers should wear well-fitted, durable soled shoes on their hike. Trust us, good shoes will make the day far more enjoyable.


If you’re considering booking a guided hiking adventure in the White Mountains, Guineafowl can help. Guineafowl Adventure offers curated, full-service, end-to-end guided group hiking and outdoor experiences, so you can relax and enjoy your time communing with nature in the White Mountains. Visit our website to see a listing of scheduled hikes, or contact us to book a corporate or private hike for your small group.

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