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Waterfalls and a Picnic Hike

Friday, Jul 7, 2023, 8:00am–6:00pm | $199/person | Limited to 10 participants

Jumpstart the long weekend with a leisurely and scenic hike and picnic lunch at New Hampshire’s Frankenstein Cliffs and Arethusa Falls. We’ll get our appetites going by hiking up to Frankenstein Cliff, with its beautiful view back into Crawford Notch, and continue over to Arethusa Falls, New Hampshire’s tallest waterfall, where we will rest and refuel with a deli lunch. After our picnic, we’ll head down to two other notable waterfalls, Bemis and Coliseum Falls, then end our 5.2 mile loop back in the parking lot. All hiking equipment will be provided including transportation to and from the site, lunch, backpacks, hydration, snacks, and trekking poles. Your friendly, experienced guides will lead the way and keep everyone moving at a comfortable, leisurely trekking pace.

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