Hikes for any age group!

Youth Hike Nature Program

Guineafowl Adventure Company provides experience-based outdoor learning that can be adapted to fit any age, experience, or fitness level.  The goals of our programming are to build an individual and communal awareness and appreciation of nature, the wilderness, and the outdoors while fostering strength, social engagement, and a healthy awareness for how to recreate responsibly by learning Leave No Trace practices and principles.  

For a long time, research has shown how impactful getting into nature can be for kids and teens.  Now even more than ever, with technology taking most of our adolescents’ time, disconnecting and shifting perspective from a screen to the great outdoors is extraordinarily beneficial.

We help to foster a stronger connection to nature and create bonds with outdoor activities that will engage children, adolescents and teens to spend more time outdoors exploring as they continue to grow.  During these sessions, we provide fundamental understanding of Leave No Trace principles and practices and how to apply in both the back- and front-country.

Our Programs


We can offer several different types of youth programming, including:

Seasonal Outdoor Exploration Programs

Participants will interact with their environment through exploring the outdoors via guided hikes, meditation, journaling, photography and other media.  Kids will participate in hikes that get progressively longer building up to a full-day guided hike at a mountain or trail system of appropriate challenge and distance.  Lessons will incorporate Leave No Trace practices and principles into programming.

Hike Preparedness Training

A training program for getting stronger at hiking longer, more challenging terrain while learning proper trail etiquette, Leave No Trace, and optimal packing strategies.  If you or your children are preparing for a long trek, a vacation with a lot of hiking, or just wanting to get stronger and faster in the trails, we can help.  We put together training programs that anyone can do, adjusted for time, experience and athleticism, to help build stronger hikers.

Single Day Hikes for Kids

Guineafowl knows dozens of hikes locally and up in the White Mountains that are appropriate for kids of all ages.  If you’re looking for a single day hike, or a field trip, tell us about your group and we will tailor a hike that fits everybody’s skill level, athleticism and experience.


We're here for the next generation

All of our Youth Programs are perfect for:
  • Independent schools wishing to incorporate outdoor education into their curriculum,

  • Scout Troops who would like consistent outdoor activity for their troop, but may not have the time, resources or transportation to do it on their own,

  • Private parent groups interested in getting their kids outdoors exploring

  • Individual families looking to grow their time outdoors and build their kids strength and awareness of nature.


Please feel free to contact us through our website to schedule a call to learn more about these programs and how we can get your children closer to nature.

*Guineafowl Adventure Company is fully insured and permitted as a commercial guide in the White Mountain National Forest through the USDA Forest Service.  Owner and Lead Guide David Fatula has years of experience coaching kids across volunteer and paid positions.  All employees of Guineafowl who work within our youth programs have youth education, mentoring or coaching experience (sometimes all of the above) and all standard safety clearances including a CORI screen, SafeSport abuse prevention certification and CDC Concussion certification.  Additionally,  all guides are CPR / AED and First Aid certified through American Red Cross and have at a minimum Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training through NOLS Wilderness Medicine. Safety is our utmost priority, especially when working with youth.